Official WyndBlast Whitepaper
WyndBlast Official Trailer
WyndBlast is a strategy auto-battler game built on the Avalanche blockchain and using the native token Chronicum ($CHRO). One of the key features of WyndBlast is the ability to command your own Wynds and recruit Riders to form a Blast Unit. A Blast Unit is a team of Wynds, Riders and Equipments that work together in combat, using their unique abilities and strengths to defeat opponents. in WyndBlast, players can engage in both player vs environment (PVE) and player vs player (PVP) combat.
WyndBlast's metaverse model aims to keep players engaged and excited by allowing them to use the same NFT assets and tokens in all games. Players will be able to build collections of NFT assets in games like WyndBlast and use them in other connected games on the platform to create unique gaming experiences. Some of the ways players can participate in the game including engaging in battles, collecting new custom digital items, building their customized squads and forging alliances with other players.
The key to defeating your opponents in combat, whether you're playing PVE or PVP, is choosing the right units and placing them strategically. If you think carefully about which units to use and how to position them, you'll have a huge advantage. If you want to win, you've got to plan out your strategy and take advantage of each unit's strengths. To protect your more vulnerable units, you might want to put your Wynd in front of your blast unit if it has strong defensive stats & skills. As another example, if your Wynd has powerful offensive abilities, you might want to place them in the back of your blast unit so they can take out enemy units with ranged attacks from a distance.
The composition of your Blast Unit is important, as different Wynds, Riders & Equipments have different elemental affinities. A mix of fire, water and earth elemental units can counter strong wind units. By considering these factors and carefully planning out your strategy, you can increase your chances of victory in the exciting world of Chronica Sola.